A Poem

Blood Quarrel

O purple splotch,
How dare you? 
Arriving by stealth
to the back of my hand,
claiming space, a fait accompli.
You are an intruder beneath my skin. 
I say again, How dare you?
Your coup unheralded,
even by minor pain,
suddenly you were just there.
In days of old this could not have happened. 
In days of old my forces would have marshaled 
thick skin and stout-walled capillaries 
against your onslaught. 
Had you attacked in strength—
the bang of a hammer blow, 
the tread of an opponent’s spikes, 
the slam of a door where my hand rested on the jamb—
I would have known it in that moment.
This noiseless, painless incursion is a new strategem,
the exploitation of brittle skin and numbed receptors,
but be forewarned: I am on to you.
You and your cunning ways, 
how you will linger 
flaunting your port-wine-ness in my face,
then six days hence decamp 
as silently as the Arabs, 
making me doubt my senses
until the next signalless foray.
How dare you?
But at last, these marches can avail you nothing; 
for I have received the cure
and simply wait for the finality 
of its deliverance.



Larry F. Sommers, Your New Favorite Writer

Author of Price of Passage—A Tale of Immigration and Liberation.

Price of Passage

Norwegian Farmers and Fugitive Slaves in Pre-Civil War Illinois

(History is not what you thought!)

18 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. Well, That’s exactly right. A common affliction for those with aged experience. Sigh.

  2. 👏🏻Oh yeah…. Next topic could be brown age spots!

    • Theoretically, Sue, there’s no end to the number of age-related embarrassments we could analyze. I’m not sure how far down that road I want to go.

  3. Well done Larry. I guess the events you describe are universal; at least that seems so in my case. You continue to make life interesting.

    • Thanks, Doug. I guess the geography of our bodies is a subject of mandatory study for some of us, at least as long as the subject matter itself endures.

  4. Larry, I looked at my arms this morning and I was thinking the same thing! Only you said it MUCH better! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face! May

    • May, I am shocked . . . shocked, to learn that a person of your youth has had this same experience. Chin up! 😉

  5. “Out out damned spot!” I think someone said that … 😉

    • A very apt reference, Trish. But I beg you to consider there may be some moral distance between internal bloodstains and the external kind. . . .

  6. At least not drenched in murder and mayhem, like Lady M’s.

  7. True words!

  8. Brilliant, and so true.

  9. Talent is talent no matter how old or young or what form it takes 🙂

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