Word has just arrived that a long-time friend, John Kraft, died after a brief illness, possibly cardiac in origin.

John Kraft

John, a fellow writer and often a mentor to me, was one of a kind. He had a wicked sense of humor, which he never used wickedly. He was a gentle soul.

Friends called him Krafty.

John leaves his true love, Dawn, and stepson, Alex, greatly bereft.

You can sample Krafty’s weekly ruminations from Terre Haute at his blog site, “Down the Hall on Your Left,” here:

Longer works of fiction are posted at his website, here:

Rest in peace, John.


Larry F. Sommers, Your New Favorite Writer

Author of Price of Passage—A Tale of Immigration and Liberation.

Price of Passage

Norwegian Farmers and Fugitive Slaves in Pre-Civil War Illinois

(History is not what you thought!)

5 thoughts on “Krafty

  1. My condolences, Larry. It’s always tough to lose a good buddy. Savor what he taught you about life because he lives on in those he touched.

  2. Larry, you are a dear and gentle soul. Your lovely words about John are so very much appreciated and will be held in my heart for a very long time. We will remember John when we all gather in Wichita next summer.

  3. He will truly be missed.

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