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More or Less Annie, by Wisconsin author Tracey Gemmell, is an entertaining book. The author’s sharp eye for absurdity informs every page of this funny, fast-paced, delayed-coming-of-age novel.

Annie Hardcastle is an English housewife, a part-time cake decorator who surfs the Web while she dreams of escape to exotic places around the world. When she and her husband, Lester, win the lottery, it seems her dreams are about to come true. It’s off to Costa Rica, where they find it’s not so easy to get away from the implications of their windfall wealth. 

Jet ski. “IMG_0504” by Jorge Santos72 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

The novel also features Taylor and Charles, a Chicago power couple on the skids and looking for revenge.

Annie’s hopes for a smooth transition to a wonderful new life begin to unravel, but she persists in striving to find out who she is and how she can turn money into happiness.

It’s not only a story for women, but can be enjoyed by everybody. There are traces of romance, but it’s not a romance. With its quirky interpersonal dyamics and its lush tropical setting, More or Less Annie is the perfect summer beach read.


Larry F. Sommers, Your New Favorite Author

Author of Price of Passage—A Tale of Immigration and Liberation.

Price of Passage

Norwegian Farmers and Fugitive Slaves in Pre-Civil War Illinois

(History is not what you thought!)

4 thoughts on “Review: More or Less Annie

  1. Thank so much for your kind review, Larry. Much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Costa Rica!

  2. Again,my reading of fiction has been limited but your reviews may entice me to explore
    After 50 years of solo family practice I finally closed my medical office just 12/31/18 and am learning how to retire
    As you know Steve died 05/17/17 and I took care of him for the last 2-3 years of his life He could no longer walk so lots of wheelchairs and lifts and ramps and vans adapted for wheelchairs and generators to keep it all running
    I was still working through all of this
    Taking care of inpatients and seeing patients in the office and for nine years was Medical Director for Hospice
    In the first 4-5 months of retirement
    I was still working to get paper records in the office summarized and into electronic health form so I could send off to new provider
    Now I am able to watch IPTV Create and IPTV World and have discovered some wonderful programs with authors sharing some nonfiction or historical fiction that I hAve enjoyed
    Three grandchildren in Burlington ages soon 13, 10 and 5
    Three grandchildren in Iowa City ages 9 and twins age 7
    Keeping Grandma Jo engaged in a variety of activities
    Still working through the Estate “an adventure”
    As I have more time to relax abs read
    It will be good to have your guidance on what is good writing

    • JoEllen, “shifting gears” after a long and busy life lived in one way and now looking forward to retirement activities–that’s a really big deal, in your life or anybody’s. The reason I’m attracted to fiction, historical or otherwise, is because sometimes more universal truths can be told by means of stories that are not strictly factual. I’m enjoying all this reading I’ve been doing and will certainly continue to pass along comments, critiques, and recommendations. Best wishes to you. Keep in touch.

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